We now have stock for sale and are taking bookings for the 2018 season for EMU – White RHEA and Grey RHEA

Please call us to reserve one of our quality birds

01531 670693

If you would like to buy an emu or rhea chick, depending on the season, contact us first to check availability and discuss your facilities and your suitability for keeping them.You have an option to place a fully refundable deposit on a chick which guarantees the next available one on our waiting list.

Please contact us for current prices and availability as this varies throughout the season

When your reserved chick is ready you will be required to collect within 7 days.After that we charge £5 per week keep fee.
If you require a DNA proof of sex certificate please add the additional £30 per single bird or £50 per pair to the shopping cart.DNA certificates take approximately 14 days to process.

All chicks are micro chipped as standard for our records and security as well as for your personal identification.They come with a full care sheet covering the first 12 months of life and we offer lifetime support whilst you own your bird of which most owners at some point will require whether it be for the simplest question to complicated veterinary issues.Do not be afraid to ask!
We also have older stock for sale at various times too so please contact us for further information.

We also stock and supply correct food for our livestock as they have a very specific diet.